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Jazz asleepHere’s a sample of what critics, experts, and readers have said about my books. And, for anyone not interested in the critics, here’s a picture of a cat curled up on a sofa like a croissant.

Lost Lions of Judah: Haile Selassie’s Mongrel Foreign Legion 1935-41 [or]

I discussed this book with the military experts at WW2 Podcast. The talk is available at iTunesFacebook, as well as the WW2 website. I also did an interview with Damien Dynan on Cork’s Deep Cover programme, as well as few other radio shows.

“Whilst not many adventurers made it to Ethiopia to aid their cause, those that did were real characters who left accounts of their time there that Othen has woven together into a narrative that also tells the story of the war. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” Angus Wallace, Amazon

Katanga 1960-63: Mercenaries, Spies and the African Nation that Waged War on the World  [or]

My book on the Katanga secession was featured as one of the Christmas books for 2015 on Marian Finucane’s 12 December RTE 1 radio programme. You can listen to it online. I get a mention at about the 8:50 mark.

“Very accurate account of what was happening there at that time. Served there during the early 1960’s doubtful that all the history at that time will never be told, not many of us left.” Bookrambler, Amazon

“Really accurate and well constructed account of an historically key “tipping point” in Africa’s history. It captures the anarchic, violent and senseless nature of the conflict. Sadly, the exploitation of the Congo continues. This book is not only well researched, it is a great read. I couldn’t put it down!” Richard Dellar, Amazon

Franco’s International Brigades: Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War [or]

“In ‘Franco’s International Brigades’, Christopher Othen offers a serious and timely corrective to the historiography of Europe’s last major conflict before the Second World War […] An engaging book to read.” Michigan War Studies Review, 6 January 2014

“This well written book tells the story of the foreign troops who fought on Franco’s side in the Spanish Civil War […] The book’s tone is generally sober and non-partisan.” The Volunteer, 15 September 2013

“Its subtitle says it all – ‘Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War’. White Russians, British conservatives, Romanian fascists and countless individuals looking for the thrills of combat were among them. Christopher Othen uncovers their history in a highly readable, often entertaining manner.” The Budapest Times, 3 March 2013

“Othen is a clear and thoughtful guide to this odd aspect of the war and commendably avoids editorialising.” The Tablet, 5 January 2013

“All in all a worthwhile and fascinating account of what went on behind Franco’s lines.” Ron Innis,

“An entertaining read which draws on many hitherto unexplored books, newspaper articles and personal sources, Franco’s International Brigades offers an intriguing insight into a ragbag of extreme right-wingers, adventurers and misfits.” Michael Alpert, author of A New International History of the Spanish Civil War

“Informed, highly readable and packed with fascinating details, Franco’s International Brigades is a key book for understanding the international dimensions of the Spanish Civil War.” Jason Webster, author of ¡Guerra!: Living in the Shadows of the Spanish Civil War

“A fascinating account of a little-known subject. Othen shrewdly puts together biographies, memoirs and studies about Franco’s foreign fighters: from Moorish, Nazi and Fascist troops to the extremely diverse group of foreign volunteers anxious to battle communism.” Joan Maria Thomàs, Professor of History at the University Rovira-Virgili and member of the Real Academia de la Historia

“A highly readable, engaging work that plugs a major gap in the literature on the Spanish Civil War.” Dr Marko Hoare, Kingston University

“Christopher Othen provides an accessible introduction into this neglected aspect of the Spanish Civil War” The Irish Times, Book of the Day, 2009