In Search of Dominique Borella

Borella1The soldier in the photograph was blond as a wheat field. He had a bandage wrapped around his face and an AK-47 in his hand.

“Dominique Borella, photographié sur la rive-est du Mékong au moment de l’offensive ‘rouge’ du 3 février 1975. Bléssé depuis plusieurs jours par éclats de grenades à la jambe gauche, il vient alors d’être touché au visage …”

Dominique Borella, photographed on the east bank of the Mekong during the 3 February 1975 ‘Red’ offensive. Injured in the left leg by grenade shrapnel a few days earlier, he has just been hit in the face … .

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Pete Townshend Bombs the Viet Cong

USAAF drop bombs on VietnamVietnam 1968. American troops are all over the Mekong Delta. The Viet Cong are sniping from the rice paddies. And up above, in the endless blue skies, American airplanes are dropping napalm into the jungle, trying to bomb the Communist enemy back to the stone age. And British guitarist Pete Townshend of The Who is helping them.

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