Brian Blessed Punches Out Harold Pinter

rian Blessed is a legendary British actor with a booming voice and charisma to spare. He’s been in everything from Shakespeare to Doctor Who, although most people remember him as the winged Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon. He also climbs mountains for fun and is the oldest man to have made it to the magnetic North Pole.

Harold Pinter is a now deceased playwright of doom, paranoia, and existential dread. Plays like The Birthday Party and The Caretaker have looping, pointless dialogues hinting at grim back stories and violent encounters. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005.

Now, thanks to Brian Blessed’s autobiography Absolute Pandemonium, we know that Prince Voltan once punched out the Nobel Prize winner. Here’s Blessed talking about the incident in the context of his friendship with Peter O’Toole.

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