Links: April 2019

TableHope everyone had a good Easter, whether you were worshipping, ignoring, or munching eggs. I spent my time in one of the few cafes still open, reading about old school French gangsters while scribbling notes in a cheap exercise book and lingering over a hot chocolate so thick you could stand on it to change a light bulb.

Yes, there’s another book on the way. It’s about strange alliances in wartime Paris between the underworld and the occupiers. More details when things firm up with publishers. Stay tuned and feel free to get in touch if you know something on the subject that I probably don’t.

Until then, it’s time again for another round-up of interesting links on the kind of subjects that appal most normal folk. Click, read, recoil.

Links Links Links

1. The death of King Curtis, the legendary saxophonist whose life was cut short by a pointless argument.

2.American anarchists who fought with the Kurds against Islamic State.

3.The extremely weird sport of Octopus Wrestling.

4.Was the Green man a symbol of resistance to the Norman invaders?

5.Piece about Igor Strelkov, one-time strong man of the East Ukraine secessionists.

6.David Jones, Catholic artist, writer, and veteran of the trenches in the Great War.

7.Trial verdict on Swiss soldier who organised Christian militias to fight Islamic State.

8.Interesting site about early Modernist magazines, most from the interwar period.

9.A presumably Kremlin-approved look at Ilya Glazunov (10 June 1930 – 9 July 2017), the painter of modern Russian conservatism.

10.British involvement in the Vietnam War.

That’s all for now. Hope you found something there to interest, intrigue, or infuriate. If you’ve got any links you want to share then put them in the comments below and or email direct to me for the next round up.

Hang in there brothers and sisters. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

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