Links: January 2019

“andromache_s farewell” evgeniy monahov 2012Happy January, ya filthy animals. Hope this year is treating you well. For me at least, 2018 was a weird one. I had a book published, got an agent, spent six months near the Parc du cinquantenaire, saw Paris, spent some time with the head of the Polish armaments industry, and got a whole new angle on the existential angst of lonely professional diplomats.

Looks like 2019 is going to be completely different, with a considerably deeper emphasis on staring moodily out the window of a city centre apartment while holding a glass of whisky and thinking deep thoughts.

So while that’s brewing here’s some links to interesting stuff around the internet. It’s a weird and wonderful world out there. Don’t kill yourself thirty seconds before the miracle.

Links Links Links

1.Death cards in the Vietnam War: fact or fiction?

2.The American merc who trained Christian Phalangsts during Lebanon’s civil war

3.When pot was so rare, a gangster could call himself Marijuana

4.The stamps of dead countries

5.Perry Bible Fellowship: Barkangelo

6.Japanese writer/musician Kou Machida loves cats

7.Street thug fashion from Belle Epoque Paris

8.The now defunct Where Is The Cool? blogspot

9.Madame Claude, who supplied girls to the world’s most powerful men, breaks her silence

10.Czech and Slovak unit in East Ukraine fighting

That’s it for this month. Hope you found something there to interest, intrigue, or infuriate. If you’ve got any links you want to share then put them in the comments below and or email them direct to me for the next round up.

Trzymaj sie brothers and sisters. Be good to each other.

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Franco’s International Brigades: Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War [or]

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