Drug Dealing Lesbian Sniper Nuns in Novorossiya

Bagira 2The civil conflict in Ukraine saw foreign volunteers join both sides. Kiev loyalists like Right Sector and the Azov Battalion  attracted out-and-proud neo-Nazis from across Europe. The separatists in Novorossiya got enthusiasts for the Orthodox Church, Slavic brotherhood, and fringier parts of the far-right.

Our man in Belgrade has got in touch with some information about two volunteers for the separatists who’ve been all over the Serbian media recently. One is a a drug dealing lesbian sniper nun, and the other a Hungarian pagan ex-con merc from Brazil turned monk. Yes, you read that right.

The revelations about the pair have alienated friends and left their political cheerleaders baffled. Read on for some real-life chunks of strangeness that will either warm your heart or raise your blood pressure, depending on what political and spiritual sector you inhabit.


1.Who is Bagira?

She is a Serbian girl sniper for the Novorossiya forces. She was in the media a lot, although she always wore a balaclava. After a while she left the front line and then disappeared. Recently her story has been top news for two days. It turns out her real name is Danijela Lazović and she comes from the small town of Gornji Milanovac. As a teenager she was a professional handball player with a very bright future ahead of her.

After, or even during, high school she seems to have had a spiritual crisis. She thought about becoming a Muslim but instead went off to be an Orthodox nun. As Mother Ksenija she was a pious and respected figure. But sometimes she used to leave the nunnery, put on civilian clothes, and go to Belgrade. There she used drugs and started selling them. The police arrested her.

2.What happened to her?

Lazović went to prison. When she got out she changed her life and according to media (I believe this to be accurate) became a volunteer in the DNR with the help of the famous sniper Dekito aka Dejan Beric in November 2014. She was around twenty-eight at the time

She became famous for her exploits but left the battlefield after threats to her family back in Serbia. After this she worked with civilians. There was a rumour she had been killed in action but this was just fake news to stop the Serbian government looking for her when they started to arrest people who’d fought in Novorossiya.

The most recent news is that she moved to Moscow, came out as a lesbian, and now lives there her girlfriend. Apparently she’s very happy.

3.What happened to Rafael Lusvarghi of Unité Continentale?

He was one of the Brazilians that was part of Unité Continentale group. What we know so far about Lusvarghi is that he is of Hungarian origin, had some military experience in French Foreign Legion, and did some police work in Brazil. Also, we know he was obsessed with the Russian culture and cultivated a very strong anti globalist world view. His Legion experience is apparently how he met the Unité Continentale guys who, despite being based in Paris, seem to be mostly of Brazilian and Serbian backgrounds.

People say that Lusvarghi is quite left-wing, which seems strange as UC is very far-right. But many leftist South Americans see Novorossiya as an anti-American cause. So essentially Unité Continentale became, at least for short period of time, a group comprised of Nazis, Orthodox Monarchists, and South American anti-fascists, but all three ideologies had one thing in common and that is anti globalism and anti-American feeling.

Several people from South America joined the group after they reading reports about Lusvarghi. We know one Brazilian was badly wounded by the Ukrainian artillery.

4.What happened to Lusvarghi in Novorossiya?

His Russian was close to perfect and he became something of celebrity, building a strong relationship with the Cossacks. Lusvarghi was relentless to prove himself in battles and constantly made efforts to attack Ukrainians even when he was wounded in the legs. He also publicly criticised locals for their unwillingness to go into military confrontations unless it was really “necessary”.

As the morale of the Unité Continentale group went down the drain, he left the group and offered his services to any group involved in constant fighting (Prizrak, Rusich, some Cossack units and so on). The Cossacks speak highly of him. However Lusvarghi became disillusioned by infighting and plots among the various pro-rebel paramilitary groups, as did many Serbian volunteers,  and looked for the best opportunity to leave everything behind. Some claim he returned to Brazil in 2016 but I find this highly unlikely because of his past anti-government activism.

What ever the truth may be, shortly after that the Ukrainian government lured him to their side of the country by promising an excellent business opportunity (the media claims it involved the Omega Company but I cannot confirm for sure). He travelled to Ukraine and got arrested, tortured, and sentenced to eleven years.

5. How did he get out of prison?

We don’t know. He was miraculously released after only fourteen months in jail. So this man who’s nickname was Rurik, and who is rumoured to have participated in some crazy pagan rituals with the Rusich group goes off to an Orthodox monastery and becomes a monk.

He’s still there apparently. Like Danijela Lazović, he’s very happy.

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