Unité Continentale Update 2

UC6Some more information has come to light about the political and legal mess surrounding French and Serbian volunteers from the far-right Unité Continentale group. They fought for the Novorossiya separatists in East Ukraine a few years back and now the Serb authorities are taking action.

A Serb contact talked about the UC group’s actions in Ukraine and the legal fall out that followed. He’s got some more information to add that sheds light on the complex story of Paris-based far-righters, Serb monarchists, and a war still smouldering in the East of Ukraine.

It’s a world of back-stabbing, rival fascist leaders, and unnecessary cruelty to pets. Watch out.


1. So far, six Serb members of Unité Continentale have been arrested in Serbia, along with Bratislav Zivkovic, who led an unconnected earlier paramilitary group in Ukraine. Yet Serb volunteers like the sniper Dejan Beric have escaped arrest. What do we know about relationship between these men?

Beric and Zivkovic are mortal enemies. Every time Zivkovic visits Eastern Ukraine he talks lot of bad things about Deki. The situation was so dramatic that Deki’s Russian/Ukrainian comrades planned to eliminate Zivkovic, however, plot was called off by Deki as it would stir up a lot of trouble in already bad relations between DNR and LNR.

2. Why are relations so bad between them?

There are several reasons for their bad relationship. First one is of an ideological nature. Deki hails from a communist family while Zivkovic is the unofficial leader of the Serbian Royalist Movement and has influence among Cossacks, who for the most part share this ideology. To be frank, Deki is the only Communist/Socialist among all of the Serbian volunteers and he uses his own influence among the Russians/Ukrainians from Communist or pro-Soviet backgrounds which is definitely a larger portion of the population. Both men have their supporters among Serbian Intelligence Agency. This explains two things: Deki was warned of possible arrest and given days to leave the country after his last visit to Serbia, and Zivkovic gets arrested, released, then sent off to Ukraine again.

Second, a more important difference is over the recruitment of Serbian kids for war. Deki has effectively prevented dozens of youngsters from joining up using the excuse they are too young and first need to “make kids” and only then risk their lives, because Serbia suffers from a trend of “white plague”. This did not sit well with Zivkovic or his mentors who wanted more and more volunteers.

3. What was the political impact of Unité Continentale in Novorossiya?

In UC we have a mix of 2 far right ideologies. One is super nationalistic with roots in some of the Orthodox Church’s fanatical ideologies and dogmas led by Perovic, and one is outright Nazi led by Victor Lenta, which is historically opposed to the extreme nationalistic Christian Royalist Ideology (think of Cossacks) .

Despite this clash, the far right ideology of Unite Continentale spread quickly and the Continentale guys connected instantly with far right Russian battalion called “The Viking Battalion”. This very tough and interesting group of Russian volunteers has dominated battlefield for some time giving no choice to DNR authorities but to use them in the most efficient way. However, the core of this group are outright Nazis with history of violence.

Apparently there was a special group of shock troops within this battalion called Rusich (assault group). They were led by infamous Nazi youngster called Alexei Milchakov, code name ‘Serb’. He was infamous for torturing animals (he killed and barbecued some puppies) and posting other crazy stuff on Youtube that shocked the Russian public. Apparently he found his way to Eastern Ukraine and surprisingly has become a very capable soldier with very little fear in battle. His nickname comes from his brother who fought with the Serbian Army in Kosovo against NATO and lost his life.

4. What happened Milchakov’s group?

The Rusich group first trained and fought under the commander called Alexandr Badnov code name Batman. He was a very capable commander, however, like many others he was killed in infighting when Lughansk authorities tried to arrest him. The Rusich group therefore separated, left the LPR, and focused on action in the DNR. Later they were forced to leave altogether because of their crazy activity, videos, and the Nazi recruits.

Alexei Milchakov went on to fight for the Syrian government with the private military contractor Wagner.

5. Why did the politics of Unité Continentale appeal to the Russians so much?

Probably due to its ideological split. That fracture between outright Nazism and far-right Christian Monarchism is similar to issues among Russian nationalists. Some worship the Tsar and the Orthodox Church. Others want a pagan National Socialist Russia.

That political fault line could be found even in a single unit like the Viking Battalion. Ideology is important to these kind of people. There were several instances where Russians with Nazi background defected to units such as Azov from the regular DNR units, but their numbers were insignificant for sure.

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