New Book on the Counter-Jihad Due 2018

SoaDGI‘m working on my fourth book. Soldiers of a Different God [or] should be out in late 2018. Crack open a bottle of champagne and alert the Nobel Prize committee.

Still a few months of keyboard-melting work to go but I can always use some help. Let me know if you’ve got any information or photographs that could help tell the untold story of how an unlikely anti-Islamic alliance of feminists, football ultras, evangelical Christians, gay activists, fascists, populist politicians, and surfing rabbis from California fuelled the rise of the nationalist right across Europe and gave us President Donald J Trump.

Help Wanted

I’d like to hear from anyone with any involvement in counter-jihad/anti-sharia activism or who has insight into those that do. I’m especially interested in finding out more about the various Stop Islamisation movements across Europe and America, Pamela Geller, the English Defence League (particularly the meetings addressed by Rabbi Nachum Shifren),  the 2007 Brussels Counterjihad Conference or later events, Robert Spencer, Little Green Footballs, the 2010 Boobquake event, ACT! for America, anything connected with Anders Breivik or the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Milo Yiannopoulos (particularly with Pamela Geller at the LGBT event in Cleveland), and Melanie Phillips. Or anything else counter-jihad/anti-sharia related.

I’m also interested in anyone who knows about issues involving the Infidels and Casuals United/Pie & Mash Squad in the EDL; or the early history of Stephen Gash’s No Sharia Here. Also if you know or knew Bat Ye’or, Michel Houellebecq, Oriana Fallaci, Richard Millet, or similar figures. Any information is welcome and you can contribute anonymously.

If you’ve got photographs of anything counter-jihad related that I can put in my book then get in touch. They have to be your own or taken by someone who’s given permission for them to be used.

That’s about it. I want to show all sides of the story so if you have something to say from whatever angle please get in touch. My email is brightreview [at] aol [dot] com.

If you want to show some love for this blog then feel free to buy my other books in paperback, hardback, or ebook:

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Franco’s International Brigades: Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War [or]


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