WW2 Podcast & Lost Lions of Judah

haile-selassie-i-lion-adrienne-norrisHi friends. I had a long chat with Angus of the WW2 podcast recently about Ethiopia, mercenaries, Haile Selassie, and my book Lost Lions of Judah. He trimmed it down and tidied it up and now you can hear us discussing the Italo-Ethiopian war in glorious stereo through iTunes, Facebook, as well as the WW2 website. It’ll probably turn up on Youtube some time soon.

Tune in and take a listen, then get your hands on the book itself [or amazon.com]. It’s about the crazy gang of adventurers who helped Ethiopia fight back against the Fascist Italian invasion of 1935.

It was a war between far-right modernity and patriarchal traditionalism. The Italians had airplanes, high explosive, and mustard gas. The Ethiopians preferred swords and spears. Emperor Haile Selassie needed expert foreign help. What he got was a bunch of mercenaries who could barely shoot straight and leaned further to the right than Mussolini.

Lost Lions of Judah: Haile Selassie’s Mongrel Foreign Legion tells the whole colourful, blood-stained story.

Radio Free Ethiopia

Angus’ WW2 podcast has covered everything from SOE spies to the war in the Far East, from Winston Churchill to flying boats. A good programme and well worth a listen.

If you’re still thirsty for my voice then I check out the interview I did with Damien Dynan on Cork’s Deep Cover programme. You might also want to know that Katanga 1960-63: Mercenaries, Spies and the African Nation that Waged War on the World  [or amazon.com] got featured as a book for Christmas books on Marian Finucane’s RTE 1 radio programme back in ’15. You can find it online here. I get a mention at about the 8:50 mark.

And a few years back, I did an interview on Australia’s ABC Late Night Radio for my book Franco’s International Brigades: Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War [or amazon.com] , which you can listen to here. I’ve made a few other appearances but they’re not available on the internet.

That’s the highlights from my glittering career in radio so far. The electricity arcing through the night, the soft voice at the microphone, that temporary cure for loneliness in the dark. And me talking about war and death and mercenaries in a suspiciously upbeat tone.

Keep an eye out for my new book Soldiers of a Different God: How the Counter-Jihad Created Mayhem, Murder, and the Trump Presidency [or amazon.com],published 15 August 2018.


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