Welcome to the Scriptatron 5000

AIHere’s the future. A programme which can write endless variations of any article in any possible style. Feed in the information. Click the button. A few seconds later you’ll have 300 variations of the same piece.

Need something about a terror attack in Ankara? Turn on Scriptatron 5000 and get a straight objective news piece, an angry opinion piece that blames American foreign policy, a snarky piece about how this will lead to holiday bargains, various conspiracy theory pieces, a straight news piece with a old school left twist, a straight news piece with a middle-class left twist, a straight news piece with a paleoconservative twist, a piece about someone’s reactions after reading one of the straight news pieces, a how-this-fits-into-history piece, a piece made up of photographs with a few lines of text, a wall of text with a few photographs. Etc. Et cetera.

All done by the Scriptatron 5000 in seconds.

What Are You Doing, Dave?

Now you’ve got your 300 pieces. Next step is to seed them across your 300 monetarised websites. Or just put them all on the same website – because everyone comes here through a social media link and will never know or care about the other pieces. Then sit back and watch the money come rolling in.

Same with books. Same with art. It’s Borges’ library on a laptop. It’s the leap from craftsmen and women to industrialised production.

The Scriptatron 5000 doesn’t exist yet. It may never exist. Unconquerable technical issues or lack of interest. But it could. And that means something.

On a related note here’s a video on a similar subject from the always interesting (if not infallible) CPG Grey. Enjoy, think about what you want to do in the future, and look on the bright side.

For more warlike weirdness, you can buy my  books in paperback or ebook:

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