Foreign Fighters in Eastern Ukraine

Margarita Seidler 3bVice News is either the bleeding edge of contemporary journalism or a bunch of craven hipsters who’ve never been in a fight. Opinions differ. But they have the corporate investment to send reporting teams all round the world.

Here’s a short 2015 Vice video made in East Ukraine back when the Kremlin still allowed separatists to call it Novorossiya. The video contains brief interviews with Serb mercenaries (motivated by pan-Orthodox sympathy), Frenchmen (Front Nationale supporters), a Brazilian (anti-American), and a Spaniard (Communist). There’s also footage of rubble, bad roads, and spartan housing.

The Virtues of Vice

It’s efficiently done, if not too deep. You’ll have to look elsewhere for Moscow leaning on Russian nationalist leaders to go fight, then ambushing them down muddy back roads when Novorossiya started to look like an anti-Putin launchpad. Or was it rival gangsters taking out the competition?

The German Margarita Seidler (pictured upper right) doesn’t appear in the video but you can find out more about her at this post or the Camp 169 blog, a slice of unashamed propaganda from someone Russian who likes manga and blondes. Also check out my post about foreign fighters on the other side.

Find out more about Serbian volunteers in this post.

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