New Book on Ethiopia Due in 2017

Italian Stamp

A few months back I signed the contract for my third book. Time to open the champagne. The book will probably being coming out some time  towards the end of 2017 with Amberley Publishing. It’s called ‘Lost Lions of Judah: Haile Selassie’s Foreign Legion of Nazis, Mercenaries, and Black Crusaders in the War against Fascism’.

A guaranteed best seller. People would have to be crazy not to buy it. Now I just have to write the thing. Here’s what it’s about:

To Zion and Back

In October 1935 Fascist Italy invaded independent black Ethiopia. The Italians had airplanes, high explosive, and mustard gas. The Ethiopians preferred swords and spears. Emperor Haile Selassie needed expert foreign help. What he got was a crazy gang of mercenaries who could barely shoot straight and leaned further to the right than Mussolini. Americans posing as fake French counts, Fascist Belgian mercenaries, an African-American pilot duo known as the Black Eagle and the Brown Condor (they hated each other), a Cuban veteran of three failed far-right coups, an Austrian Nazi doctor, Swedish soldiers who preferred fighting communism, and an alcoholic English dropout.

The international powers backing Haile Selassie were equally disreputable. Hitler supported Selassie as part of a plot to grab back the Rhineland, and Japanese secret societies pushed a penniless Tokyo princess into marriage with an Ethiopian prince. Together, this bizarre foreign legion tried to save Ethiopia from Fascism.

For more warlike weirdness, you can buy my  books in paperback or ebook:

Lost Lions of Judah: Haile Selassie’s Mongrel Foreign Legion [or]


Katanga 1960-63: Mercenaries, Spies and the African Nation that Waged War on the World  [or]


Franco’s International Brigades: Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War [or]


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