Woody Allen Fights a Kangaroo

Kangaroo_Boxing_sideshow_posterWe know Woody Allen as a neurotic Jewish-American comic who married his girlfriend’s adopted daughter and made many classic films along with some terrible ones. Everyone loves Annie Hall, a warm and funny comedy about relationships. Everyone hates Hollywood Ending, where the main character is blind and the audience wish they were too. And deaf. And watching something else.

But British audiences in 1966 knew him as the man who boxed a kangaroo at the Hippodrome. Sure, why not?

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Karl Marx vs the Filipino Vampire Ghouls

The Aswang is a wandering Vampire Ghoul from Filipino Aswangfolklore. It’s a daywalking shape-shifter that eats the livers out of children and makes a sinister ‘Tik Tik’ noise that gets quieter as it approaches. If you look into an Aswang’s eyes you’ll see your own reflection upside down. That’s how you tell.

Back in the late 1940s the Philippines was entangled in a peasant uprising against the government. The guerrilla Hukbalahap movement had fought the Japanese occupiers during the war and expected its reward when independence came. Instead the new government decided the Huks were trouble-making communists and arrested the movement’s leaders. The guerrillas went back into the jungle and started shooting.

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New Book on Ethiopia Due in 2017

Italian Stamp

A few months back I signed the contract for my third book. Time to open the champagne. The book will probably being coming out some time  towards the end of 2017 with Amberley Publishing. It’s called ‘Lost Lions of Judah: Haile Selassie’s Foreign Legion of Nazis, Mercenaries, and Black Crusaders in the War against Fascism’.

A guaranteed best seller. People would have to be crazy not to buy it. Now I just have to write the thing. Here’s what it’s about:

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