Katanga 1960-63 eBook Available

Elisabethville 1961For those who prefer pixels to ink, there is an ebook version of Katanga 1960-63: Mercenaries, Spies, and the African Nation that Waged War on the World [or  amazon.com].

Here’s a taste from the introduction to whet your appetite:


“When the Congo fell apart in a pandemic of army mutinies and gang rape a week after going solo, Europeans blamed the unwieldy size of the new nation and its warring tribes. The July secession of Katanga, a rich mining province in the south, seemed proof the Congo was too big to function as a country. Africans had a simpler explanation. They accused Belgium of masterminding the break-up to protect its investments. The term “neo-colonialism”, a continuation of empire through intrigue and espionage, was born.

Also in the mix were Soviet technicians at the controls of Ilyushin Il-14 transport planes, CIA agents hiding behind dark glasses, United Nations peacekeepers from a hundred countries, and air-conditioned Swiss bank vaults that swallowed up diamonds and francs, no questions asked.

And one thing more dangerous than the rest put together. Mercenaries with guns.”

My other books are also available:

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